The stubborn flame — 2021/05/11

It only takes a little for me to burst into flames. This ardor surprises me as it erupts like an impatient volcano. All it takes is a pinch of desire, an impossible image, and I find myself trembling as I did at first love.


Saturn and Pluto are not the plague — 2020/05/18

Yes, the beauty of the world is beyond our understanding and logic. Wittgenstein had understood that our thinking could not be totally enclosed in science, that despite its insistence, it inevitably gets an opaque gaze from Nature.


Director — 2018/02/11

I was given a title last week. Director of Strategy and Web Integration. The position had been in the air for about six months; circumstances required that it be announced only after much consideration, a time that, I must admit, was destabilizing since I was in great need of certainty after a misty personal year.