The immobile words — 2019/11/17

It seems to me that I would have something else to do than stay in my bed and watch the winter light slide down the wall. Nothing works, though. I get lost in meditative immobility, listening to the slight whistle in my ears as if it were radio waves from space.


Celebrate the chlorophyll — 2017/05/13

I am made more of silence than flashes. I have told so little about winter, not at all about the spring that is coming to an end. My days were no less noisy, enriching, anxious, cloudy and blessed. The ordinary life of a man who feels the fatigue of near-finished duties.


The mixing of the seasons — 2016/10/15

The cold inviting itself for the night, and no matter how much autumn stuffs us with embalmed afternoons, the mornings become cooler and cooler. Now you have to cover yourself a little, lift the collar, fear that the cold will attack the bronchial tubes.


The silence of our desires — 2013/03/14

The silence of our desires, of our involuntary acts of possession, of survival. Our haiku drive that propels our hands to the planet from a skin. We, passive meteors, the ultimate destroyers who, by our humble presence, can annihilate hearts, tetanize an existence.