The bird is telling you — 2021/04/05

I have subscribed to the visual bookshop Lucid. This friendly application allows you to get the gist of a book in a few minutes. If one wanted to be mean, one could conclude that people write too many words to explain something and that a few nice diagrams are all that is needed. In a way, War and Peace is set in Russia.


The room of lost souls — 2012/01/04

Twenty-thirty hours, in the lost steps room of Berri-Uqam station. I'm with a friend, waiting for another one of his friends. We're sitting. Coffee is obviously terrible. My friend eats a dry potato flour doughnut. In front of me, the flashy ticket office of the STM and, sitting on the benches, not impatient customers, but haggard beings.


Trials and errors — 2011/12/12

It has been established that it is generally the strongest that survives. Let's be clear, physical strength has nothing to do with it. Depending on the context, the cunning, ingenuity, imagination of the survivors, or only their number, work in both directions. Dominant males are fooled by backyard rats more often than you think.


A voyage to Arcturus — 2011/11/28

Monday. I was planning to write about David Lindsay's A Voyage to Arcturus, and then I went for a walk. The weather is mild and always as grey as a European winter sky. Rain on Monday certainly helps to start work, except that I hung on to my desk all weekend to page a report from a large company. So I hardly had any breaks even though I reserved the evenings for myself. Anyway, like on weekdays. I'm having trouble getting to work this morning.


Are we? — 2011/11/13

I dreamt that a well-known publishing house would return my manuscript to me with a letter of vehement nonsense and tell me not to write a single word again. I was new in a convoluted office. My colleagues looked like people I knew.