Translation completed — 2019/08/09

I come back to silence. For a month, I went through the texts, written since 2011, in the brief universe of my "promenades" (walks) to translate them, to reread what I have been letting others see all this time.


Into the English sea — 2019/07/06

My first editor, the beautiful Antonio d'Alfonso, had already told me, a few years after the publication of my first book, and in front of the silence that had been granted, that I should learn to write in English, the rhythm and oxymorons of my sentences lending themselves, it seems, more to Shakespeare than to Molière.


Translate? — 2014/04/12

I was discussing my novel last night with a chorister, waiting to go on stage with Ganymede. Being an anglophone, this friend asked me why I wasn't having my novels translated; I would probably have a better chance of getting some success or money.