Dust and trash — 2020/12/23

Haven’t we already been told that we are dust and that we will return, with our last breath, to the sandy ocean of little things? I had always found it difficult to clean everything, erase the traces. Now I notice all the matter left behind.


Neptune and me — 2016/03/26

The present is a chimera, foolish words that the mind tries to write every time it stops to breathe a little. Its scroll has been unfolding for billions and billions of years.


Radioactive epidemics — 2013/01/18

If a few atoms can destroy an entire city, imagine the power of the drugs that flow through our veins. I am easily surprised, my thinking is radioactive and unstable. The perimeter of a lamp reminds me of the bitter lips of a volcano, the contact of a body announces an epidemic of sensations.


In the eye of the universe — 2012/12/27

What will we have lived, dreamed, and learned? What will we be tomorrow, in a century? Tomorrow, I don't know. And only the universe, if it has a conscience, will see the continuation of our rides.


Universe — 2012/12/25

Slept for part of the day, still burdened by the good Christmas meal and the pleasures that came with it. Between these unconscious periods, I took the opportunity to go through the last half of an inspiring book, The Universe Within, by Neil Turok.