A Shakespearean postscript — 2021/04/22

Just yesterday, like a postscript to its own end, winter returned to lay heavy snow on what had been blooming.


Rebang! Winter — 2017/11/12

Again the winter surprise. I went back up in this journal to find out when this false surprise happened last year. It is here, told on November 21, 2016. The only surprise we can have is that the cold arrived a week earlier this year. In my gonads, it doesn't snow until the Montreal Book Fair.


The primordial light — 2017/01/08

I have resumed my walking journey to work. The freezing rains did not cause too much damage to the sidewalks, especially since the municipal workers did their job on time. It's cold, it's still a little windy. Fortunately, since my journey is from north to south, the fresh air from the west is blocked by the strong barricade of the houses.


Paradise on Earth — 2016/12/18

Winter seems to have silenced me. It is always easier to perish on the luminous beauty of a leaf that languishes, pierced by morning light than to try to develop any poetry around the slush.


Bang ! Winter — 2016/11/21

Winter was no different, he arrived all at once with his gusts, his snow, his uncomfortable sky. People didn't seem surprised, didn't look like surprise days.


Slippery season — 2012/01/24

Winter has just begun, and it already looks like spring. It rained heavily last night; the streets are now slippery, many passers-by, despite their caution, are reduced to getting up painfully, wet clothes, and well awake.


The inner poetry — 2012/01/16

People are living their winter. The first great breath passed and left snow, freezing rain, and finally, a great cold that washed the sky for two days. I experienced some of those seasonal swirls in bed, then got up and worked in the house.


He would have been naked, he wouldn't have seen the difference — 2012/01/06

The wind is raw this morning. It has snowed a thin layer, but the sky is grey, the wind remains horizontal as if it would have liked to be a storm. Despite my winter clothes, my sheep hat, I'm cold, freezing.


Winter has arrived. Time to count. The waiting. — 2011/12/27

It's always like that, winter comes roughly during the holidays. There will certainly be a thaw, but in the minds of many, this period marks the end of recreation. January and February we will give them a taste of their medicine, but it won't be any worse.


A thousand times the days will pass — 2011/12/19

Sometimes it seems useless to tell every hour; they can all look the same. Passers-by pass, seasons pass, politicians pass. From time to time, the imagination has difficulty getting away from its own habits. Life goes on.


Just what it takes — 2011/01/30

We cannot complain about the day when the light diapers the shadows, when winter has that touch of just what it takes, when the nostrils tremble and when the air, despite everything, does not seem polluted.