Paradise on Earth — 2016/12/18

Winter seems to have silenced me. It is always easier to perish on the luminous beauty of a leaf that languishes, pierced by morning light than to try to develop any poetry around the slush.


The little happiness — 2016/10/29

People complain. It rains all the time. It is cold. It has already started snowing. The sweetness of autumn was, as if it were a surprise, only a vein of promise. The delicate life has gone to get dressed for the winter or rather, it has gone to take refuge in the south, among others among the Brazilians who, for their part, do not really know winter and who think that 10°C is death.


The elusive knowledge — 2012/02/27

I met W. at the grocery store. He's the same age, a few days apart, like my father. W. was a member of the Ensemble vocal Ganymède for a few years. He left last year. I saw him tired and, to be honest, on the decline.