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A family astrological saga

The history of others does not belong to us. During their journey, these incarnate souls dock, beached, escape, sail, break, form flotillas, sail alone or gregarious on oceans whose memory will be recorded or vanish into the interstellar or other flesh when the time comes to die. — 2018/04/15

Living your symbols

My weekends are a long succession of small households, garbage bins. Too many objects and papers that only fill the space of an apartment too big for me. While searching through my folders, I took a break to explore my old astrological records. — 2018/02/17


I was given a title last week. Director of Strategy and Web Integration. The position had been in the air for about six months; circumstances required that it be announced only after much consideration, a time that, I must admit, was destabilizing since I was in great need of certainty after a misty personal year. — 2018/02/11

A jellyfish is...

My first ex asked me a few days ago to look at his astrological chart. Although he is a university graduate, and that he will only give it one officially discreet ear, his heart urges him to enter the shaman's tent. — 2014/01/05


D'après de savants calculs prenant en compte la précession des équinoxes, j'aurai 54 ans à 23:14:07 ce soir, juste un peu avant la date officielle du 2 mars. Considérer plutôt l'astrologie traditionnelle, cela me donnerait un retour solaire le 1er mars, à 8:29:42. C'est précis et, du coup, totalement fondé sur l'incertitude, voire l'aléatoire. — 2013/03/01

Le rythme

Il y a quelques semaines, des chercheurs mathématiciens auraient découvert la nature fractale des compositions musicales. Ainsi, ont-ils pu identifier la signature mathématique des œuvres de Mozart, Liszt, Vivaldi. — 2012/03/02

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